GEOMETRICA. SWASTIKA FRACTALS RECURSION l-systems christian cross hitler star of david yin yan religious symbols GEOMETRICA christian CROSS pratik budda hitler india arian white power star of david SWASTIKA. FRACTALS. RECURSION.
recursive curves SFC space-filling curves fractal curves FASS recursive christian cross
    5E9FE4D0.PNG 607E5840.PNG 60E2844D.PNG 65452B58.PNG 66F16F46.PNG 670AD0C4.PNG 67E9778C.PNG 68DBEC58.PNG 69DFD381.PNG 6A2CA00D.PNG 6A8CFFBD.PNG 6DEB1EFD.PNG 6DED4F6C.PNG 6E67BFB0.PNG LACE CURVE DANTELLE CURVE RECURSIVE CURVE SELF-AVOIDING CURVE PRETTY CURVE CUTE CURVE member of SEXY CURVES wallpaper coloring book which is foreground/background ? synergy curve curvacious curve 7202809A.PNG 7223F27A.PNG 75828F51.PNG 759C78A7.PNG 78CC4A11.PNG 7A04159A.PNG 7A528ED6.PNG 7ADF830B.PNG 7B8E11CB.PNG 7C050D1A.PNG 7C9F9E9F.PNG 81CA9F57.PNG Sierpinski Carpet Invented by a prominent student of Sierpinski That student took over Sierpinki's Polish university Mathematics-chair. Sirpinski invented the Sierpinski Triangle (AKA Sierpinski Sieve) which is almost as famous as Hilbert curve Peano curve. Italy-Germany-Poland triangle. This version of Sierpinski Carpet is my original invention it is ONE recursive curve SWASTIKA CARPET Unlike Sirpinski carpet (fractal dimension < 2 as any swiss cheese) my Swastika carpet (et al) is SFC Space-Filling curve FASS (fractal diemension - 2) in monocolor my Swastika Carpet loses some kinship to Sierpinski Carpet 8255EE16.PNG 82DA5803.PNG 84090743.PNG 84426B3F.PNG 8657D547.PNG 867BAA00.PNG 87B55E10.PNG 8944C0C0.PNG 8A3B4127.PNG 8A51FF8D.PNG 8A5BABD3.PNG 8AC8A7CD.PNG 8CB26151.PNG 8D859C0C.PNG 91D0D1A5.PNG 92333846.PNG 9304BC6A.PNG 93AC280D.PNG 93E9542E.PNG 94FFC1CC.PNG 96AA0252.PNG 96B4C57A.PNG 99258D2D.PNG 998AED21.PNG 9A91C707.PNG 9AF21FDF.PNG 9C06CA61.PNG 9C3577FF.PNG 9D260461.PNG 9F83D39E.PNG 9FDA404F.PNG A0033F9A.PNG A01F4F02.PNG A12005BF.PNG A277C89D.PNG A30DAD10.PNG A39DCE38.PNG A3D4B354.PNG A4AD5DD9.PNG B27F051E.PNG C251ED19.PNG D0105014.PNG EDC555FB.PNG MAPLELF.PNG oldswfass.png POLARH02.PNG SHLDHIL.PNG
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